E-Commerce on the Internet (e-commerce) is a commercial activity in the field of advertising and distribution of goods and services through the use of the Internet. At the moment, Internet Commerce performed using conventional payment methods, and payment of the electronic money. Such course of events was completely deterministic. Thanks to the possibility of automation of key business processes of modern Internet Commerce has become the most effective tool for selling products of any type at minimal cost to ensure the whole process of purchase, from order processing to shipping from the warehouse. It can be as a certain kind of business associated with the sale of products or services and participate in affiliate programs, but most Commerce is based on sales, because in the real and virtual world are constantly in demand of different goods or services, ranging from web hosting to real estate.

Accordingly, began to develop areas such as currency exchange and other operations related to Finance. But after some time, the Internet appeared in almost every home, and buyers felt the convenience of virtual shopping, when to order everything you need without leaving your home and at any time of the day. The buyer transfers any given amount of conventional money in the Bank, and in return receives a certain amount of digital money that exists only in electronic form and stored in a "wallet" (using special software) on the computer buyer.

At the moment, Internet Commerce has grown from a trivial purchase in a rather interesting area of activity in which they find implementing the most risky ideas, and when appropriate implement them, surprisingly, they begin to bring amazing profits. In recent years, many operations on the collection of taxes, filling out questionnaires, forms for ordering supplies, working with customs began to be carried out with the help of Internet technologies. Kommersant same capabilities of the Internet allow faster tracking of the demand (in addition to the savings on the room and frames). The art to integrate complex technical solutions that simplify the operation of the site, but, nevertheless, does not make it primitive. In a few years the world wide web has been flooded with a variety of resources that were perfectly adapted to the sale. Under the 'near abroad' mainly refers to the South of Finland and Estonia, at least — Latvia, for the Far East are China and South Korea. At the moment, Internet Commerce performed using conventional payment methods, and payment of the electronic money. Considering the options the implementation of the business projects as always it is impossible not to mention the excellent work of specialists. Of course, this includes any communications, including wholesale delivery of the goods or similar execution of orders.